2016 – Parliamentary Elections

Elections Monitoring 15 april  – 14 May 2016

Consolidated text of the Electoral Code (unofficial version), incorporating the 2015 and 2016  amendments

Methodology for Monitoring Media Coverage of Elections in the Radio and Television Programme Services during Electoral Processes

Agency’s stances concerning media legislation

Media coverage of elections – training materials for broadcasters

Complaint/Reaction Submission Form

The formfor submitting a complaint/reaction can be sent to the following e-mail: contact@avmu.mk

Reports on the monitoring of media coverage of elections

Reports to the State Election Commission 

Overview of the received price lists for paid political advertising 

Press release: Report on media coverage in the first ten days following the calling of elections 

Press Release_Reports on the monitoring of media coverage of elections in the news, covering the period 25 April -4 May 2016, and on the monitoring of interviews, debates and other information programmes in the period  25 April -4 May 2016