Regular Administrative Supervision Conducted over the Work of 134 TV and Radio Broadcasters

Skopje, 24.11.2016 – The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services conducted regular administrative supervision over the work of all 134 broadcasters that broadcast TV or radio programme.

The supervision was conducted with the aim of verifying if the broadcasters had met their obligation under Article 15, Paragraph 3 of the Media Law, according to which they are obligated to publish the data on their ownership structure, responsible editor/s, and their financing sources in the previous year within their own programmes, at least three times a year, during prime time, and submit recordings of these announcements to the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services within 15 days from the date of airing the same.

Based on the supervision, the Agency found that solely the BI-KI-AL DOOEL Bitola Trade and Broadcasting Company had not fulfilled this legal obligation, whereas the remaining 133 broadcasters had acted in line with Article 15, Paragraph 3, of the Media Law.

The supervision reports are available at the following links:

General Report on All Broadcasters of TV and Radio Programmes

Report on BI-KI-AL DOOEL Bitola