Media Literacy Network of the Republic of Macedonia Launched

Slika_2_27.04.2017Skopje, 27.04.2017 – The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services launched, today, at a solemn event, the Media Literacy Network of the Republic of Macedonia, aimed at promoting cooperation among various stakeholders in the Macedonian society that create and implement policies and carry out activities and projects in the media literacy sphere.

The Network consists of 34 founders – educational institutions, citizen organizations, media outlets and state institutions, including two Ministries, i.e. the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. The Network is open to new members that can join in by signing and depositing an Application.

Speaking about the reasons for establishing this Network, the Agency Director, Mr. Zoran Trajchevski, stated that, looking into the previous initiatives, it had been concluded that the entities involved had often mentioned the need to intensify cooperation so as to achieve better results, sustainability of the already-implemented projects and continuity of the activities.

The Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador Samuel Zbogar, expressed support to the formation of the Network, pointing out that media literacy is of particular importance for sound democracy and media freedoms and pluralism, and that media literacy is intertwined with the development of critical thinking of the citizens and their ability to be up to date with the technological and other changes in society.

Slika1_27.04.2017The obligations of all stakeholders that have joined the network are defined in a special Act on the formation of the Network. Information about the relevant news and activities will be published in quarterly bulletins that will be distributed electronically, and via a website dedicated to media literacy, as well as through the social networks. The Network will strive to be active internationally as well, and, whenever possible, related news will be published in the editions of some European and international organizations.

Announced at this event was the first project of the Network, which is already under way and involves the preparation of a DVD along with materials and information on media literacy, intended for the elementary schools around the Republic of Macedonia. The materials and the DVD have been provided by a number of members of the Network, and they will be disseminated to the schools once consent is ensured from the Bureau for the Development of Education and the Ministry of Education. In the meantime, the Agency has printed a leaflet with information about media literacy, which will be distributed along with the DVD, and will be disseminated to the broader public as part of the Agency’s activities aimed at raising citizens’ awareness about the importance of media literacy.