Control Supervision Conducted over 15 Broadcasters

Skopje, 29.06.2017 The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services conducted control supervision over the work of 15 broadcasters, as follows: TV Telma DOOEL Skopje, TV KTV DOOEL Kavadarci, TV Kanal-21 DOOEL Veles, RA Aleksandar Makedonski DOOEL Kichevo, RA MH DOOEL Ohrid, RA Merak 5 FM DOO Veles, RTV Drini DOOEL Struga,
RA Plus Forte DOOEL Tetovo, RA Lav DOOEL Ohrid, RA Plus DOOEL Negotino, RA Valandovo DOO Valandovo, RA Skaj DOOEL Skopje, Djez FM DOOEL Skopje, RA BI-KI-AL DOOEL Bitola, and RA B-97 DOOEL Bitola.

The supervision was conducted with the aim of verifying if these broadcasters had acted upon the measures previously imposed by the Agency, concerning their failure to provide written reports on the fulfillment of their obligations defined in the radio or television broadcasting licenses and, in particular, the implementation of their programming concepts, by 31 March 2017 at the latest. The control supervision that was conducted found that all the above-mentioned broadcasters had acted in line with the legal provisions.

The resulting reports can be downloaded at the following links:

TV Telma DOOEL Skopjе

TV KTV DOOEL Kavadarci

TV Kanal-21 DOOEL Veles

RA Aleksandar Makedonski DOOEL Kichevo


RA Merak 5 FM DOO Veles

RTV Drini DOOEL Struga

RA Plus Forte DOOEL Tetovо

RA Lav DOOEL Ohrid

RA Plus DOOEL Negotinо

RA Valandovo DOO Valandovо

RA Skaj DOOEL Skopjе

Džez FM DOOEL Skopjе


RA B-97 DOOEL Bitolа