Skopje, 24 January 2018 – As part of its efforts to promote the development of media literacy, the Agency launched today the first project of the Media Literacy Network, prepared by several of its members – a DVD intended for the primary schools in the Republic of Macedonia. The project was financed by the Agency, and supported by the Bureau for the Development of Education and by the Ministry of Education, which will be disseminating the DVD to all primary schools around the Republic of Macedonia in the forthcoming period.

The DVD contains materials, video spots, the Convention on Children’s Rights and a leaflet from the Ombudsman explaining children’s rights, as well as the way in which they can be exercised. The materials will be used by the teachers when elaborating on the topics related to the media. Their purpose is to teach students how to receive information, how to determine the latter’s origin and build a critical approach to media contents.

 “The importance of this project is two-fold: on one hand, teachers will receive concrete written and video materials that they can use to inspire themselves or as classroom resources and thus introduce media literacy into the primary schools in a more substantial fashion, while, on the other, cooperation both in and outside the Media Literacy Network is slowly but surely starting to function,” stressed the Agency Director Zoran Trajchevski at the launch.

Also addressing the present at the event were representatives of the School of Journalism and Public Relations, KonEdu Global, the Eurothink Centre for European Strategies and the Ombudsman, who spoke about the content of the materials with which they had contributed to the project, and expressed their pleasure with the mutual cooperation so far. The materials for the DVD had been provided by the Agency, the Macedonian Media Institute, Metamorphosis, the Infocentar NGO, Transparency Macedonia and the Helsinki Community for Human Rights.