Warning Measures Imposed against KOMPANI 21 TV, Radio PRO FM and the PORTA 3 Monthly

Skopje, 24 April 2018 – Based on the findings of a regular programme supervision over the programme of  KOMPANI 21-M TV, indicating disregard for the obligation to protect minors from programmes that may harm their physical, psychological and mora development, the Agency imposed a warning measure against the above broadcaster. A warning measure was imposed against Radio PRO FM from Gostivar, for having failed to submit to the Agancy a written report on meeting the requirements set forth in the radio broadcasting license, within the legally prescribed deadline.

The Agency imposed a warning measure against Biro Pres DOO Skopje, the publisher of Porta 3, because the latter had not published data about the ownership strucure in one daily newspaper had had failed to submit a clipping of the same to the Agency.

 The imposed measures are available at the links given below:

KOMPANI 21-M TV   (Article 50, Paragraph 3, of the LAAVMS) – 24.04.2018

RADIO PRO FM – Article 15, Paragraph 5, of the Media Law – 24.04.2018

PORTA 3 – Article 15, Paragraph 2, of the Media Law – 24.04.2018