Warning Measures Imposed against 1 TV and KOMPANI 21-M TV

Skopje, 5 December 2018 – Based on a regular programme and administrative supervision conducted over the programme of 1 TV and the detected disregard for the obligations to protect the juvenile audience, publish Impressums and follow the rules for airing audiovisual commercial communications, the Agency imposed warning measures.

As regards the disregard for the obligation to publish information that should be made available to the users, the Agency imposed a warning measure against KOMPANI 21-M TV as well. Both broadcasters have been given a 30-day deadline to harmonize their operations with the Law on Audio and Audiovisual Media Services.

The imposed measures may be downloaded at the following links:

1 TV – (Article 50, Paragraph 3 of the LAAVMS) – 04.12.2018

1 TV – (Article 14 of the Media Law) – 04.12.2018

1 TV – (Article 53, Paragraph 2, of the LAAVMS) – 04.12.2018

TV KOMPANI 21–М –   (Article 51, Paragraph 1, of the LAAVMS) – 04.12.2018