Ad Hoc Programme Supervision Conducted over 24 Vesti TV

Skopje, 28 December 2018 – Based on a complaint received, an ad hoc programme supervision was conducted over the 24 Vesti TV, regarding its observance of the obligation to air programme in the Macedonian language using the Cyrillic alphabet, or in the language and alphabet of the non-majority community, when the programme is intended for that particular community.

The supervision showed that, on 11 and 25 December 2018, respectively, the programme service of the 24 Vesti TV aired parts of the “24 Otvoreno” show in the Bulgarian language without providing a translation into Macedonian.

The related supervision report is available at the link given below:

24 Vesti – (Article 64, Paragraph 1 of the LAAVMS) – 28.12.2018