Notification on the Public Opening of the Applications to Participate in а Public Competition

Skopje, 27.02.2019 – The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services adopted a Decision Ref. No. Up1 No.08-527 of 23.11.2018, amended on 25.01.2019 (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia Nos. 216/18 and18/19), to publish a public competition for granting a radio broadcasting license for a programming service, i.e. a talk and music radio of a special format, where the prevailing type of programme will have an entertaining role, in the Albanian and Macedonian languages, at the state level, to be aired via a network of radiofrequencies determined by the Agency for Electronic Communications of the Republic of Macedonia.

The deadline for submitting applications to participate in the public competition expired on 25.02.2019. The applications submitted to this competition shall be opened publicly, a week after the expiry of the deadline for submitting the same.

The public opening of the applications submitted to take part in the above-mentioned public competition will be held on 05.03.2019 (Tuesday), at 13:00 hrs, at the Agency’s Headquarters, at the following address: Palata Panko Brashnarov, ul. Makedonija br. 38, Skopje.