Third Media Literacy Days to Take Place between 22 and 29 November

 Skopje, 19 November 2021 –  “ “Virtual or Real – the Rules Are the Same! Be Media Literate” is the motto of the Media Literacy Days that, this year, we are dedicating to children and young people,” Agency Director Zoran Trajchevski announced at today’s press conference, thus marking the beginning of this event, which the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services and the Media Literacy Network are going to organize in the period from 22 until 29 November.

“The thematic setup of these Media Literacy Days arises from the latest developments in the field of media literacy in the country – the official introduction of media literacy in primary education curricula as an approach in teaching – which has certainly been contributed to by all joint efforts so far to promote media literacy among the citizens of all generations,” stressed the Director of the Agency.

As part of the event, whereby we are joining in the marking of, this year the 10th, UNESCO Global Week of Media and Information Literacy for the third time, a series of events will take place, dedicated to building and developing critical awareness among children and young people, as well as some other target groups that are directly or indirectly related to them.

All information related to the activities and events taking place during the Media Literacy Days will be shared via the Network’s communication channels, such as Twitter (@MediumPismenost), Instagram (@mrezazamediumskapismenost), Facebook (@MrezaZaMediumskaPismenost) and the following website: