Celebrating World Press Freedom Day

Skopje, 3 May 2022 – “Journalism under Digital Siege” is the motto under which we celebrate this year’s World Press Freedom Day, thus highlighting the impact of the digital era on the freedom of expression, journalists’ safety, access to information and privacy.

Today is an opportunity to reaffirm the basic principles of media freedom, to assess its degree to which it is respected and to pay tribute to the journalists who lost their lives in the performance of their professional duties.

Democratic societies cannot function without freedom of expression or independent and critical media, which is why all, none excluded, should make every effort to ensure a safe working environment for the journalists and access to information.

According to the latest report by Reporters Without Borders, we still have many challenges to face. The Agency – as it has done before – shall continue to be proactive in increasing the awareness of media’s role and the need to ensure their smooth functioning.