13.09.2010г. 3D-телевизијата е хајлат на годинешниот Меѓународен конгрес за радиодифузија во Амстердам – IBC

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07.09.2012 BC protects the exclusive rights of the broadcasters

SKOPJE- 07.09.2010– The Broadcasting Council (BC) will request from all broadcasters to provide BC in a timely manner with information if they broadcast sport or other type of programs with exclusive rights for Republic of Macedonia,

so BC would prevent any illegal broadcasts of the same programs by the operators of public communication networks (cable, IPTV, DVB-T,DVB-S) by re-transmission of foreign channels.

During today’s session, BC noted the rebranding of the Hallmark Channel in Universal and the adult channel, XXX in Darling.

BC also registered 19 program packages of operators of public communication networks.

11.08.2010 BC revoked the Broadcasting Licenses of Three Satellite Televisions

SKOPJE– 11.08.2010 – The Broadcasting Council (BC) revoked the broadcasting licenses of the satellite TV stations BM, Zajdi Zajdi, and K-15 Minus.

BC revoked the licenses of these TV broadcasting services, because they didn’t adhere to the obligation to pay the license fee, foreseen in the Broadcasting Law. According to this law, all broadcasters are obligated to pay the broadcasting license fee, which is calculated by the formula given in the article 60 from this law.

12.08.2010 BC verified the Mandates of the Two New Members, Alma Mashovikj and Boris Arsov

SKOPJE 12.08.2010 – On its last session the Broadcasting Council verified the mandates of the two new members, M.Sc Alma Mashovikj, Graduated Machine Engineer and M.Sc. Boris Arsov, Graduated Electrical Engineer; now the Council works with all members’ position filled.

The progress of the digitalization of the analogue broadcasting sector in the country and creation of a sustainable media market will be in the focus of the work of M.Sc. Boris Arsov, Graduated Electrical Engineer, who was recently elected by the Macedonian Parliament member of the Broadcasting Council: “The further progress in the process of digitalization, especially in the field of public broadcasting, encouragement of creation of content for new technologies and bringing bigger transparency in the media ownership – in this direction will move my contribution as a BC member. Of course one of the priorities is the Euro-integration processes and I will personally engage myself in consistent implementation of the European standards in media sector.”- said M.Sc. Arsov, after the verification of the mandates of the new members.
BC also verified the mandate of M.Sc. Alma Mashovikj, Graduated Machine Engineer as a new member of the Council: ”The freedom of speech and media, which is a constitutionally guaranteed category, must always be fostered and improved.  Although the media are mostly privately owned, they have a public responsibility – out of this derives the importance for their affirmation as a social tool for spreading tolerance, mutual respect and above all they should serve as a forum for social dialog and exchange of different positions and points of view, which are of interest for everybody and are of a crucial importance for further democratization of the country. Exactly here I see the European future of our media landscape.” – emphasized M.Sc. Mashovikj.
The total number of BC members is 9. Two new members have a mandate of six years. Official nominators of members are: the Macedonian Academy of Scienses and Arts, the Inter- University Conference, the majority association of Journalists and the Parliamentary Committee for Appointments and Dismissals.

10.08.2010 The Broadcasting Council called upon all TV Broadcasters to adhere to the Legal Provisions in order to protect the Authors’ Rights of “Vardar Film“

SKOPJE, 10.08.2010 – The Broadcasting Council (BC) called upon all television stations in Republic of Macedonia to protect the authors’ and related rights of the broadcast content, no matter if it is of national or foreign production, after the reaction from the “Vardar Film” Film Centre, in regard to certain unauthorized broadcasts of its movies on some TV channels.

Prior to every broadcast of a movie from “Vardar Film” production, the TV stations must sign a contract with “Vardar Film”, which will allow TV broadcast, because this production house has no long term broadcasting contracts any broadcasting enterprise in Macedonia.

„The Broadcasting Council will continue its intensive monitoring both on the operators of public communication networks and on the broadcasters focused on the adherence to the legal provisions for protection of the authors’ and related rights. Every infringement of the authors’ and related rights brings moral, civil and criminal responsibility“ – said BC President, Zoran Stefanoski.

During the past four months BC initiated about 30 misdemeanor and criminal procedures against legal entities that had violated the legal provisions for protection of the author’s and related rights. In the fight against piracy the Broadcasting Council collaborates with all relevant institutions, as the governmental Coordinative Body for Intellectual Property Protection, the State Market Inspectorate, the Ministry of Interior and the Agency for Intellectual Property Protection.

23.07.2010г. Програмските пакети на кабелските оператори ставени на увид на јавноста на веб страницата на Советот за радиодифузија…


<strong>СКОПЈЕ, 23 јули 2010</strong> – Советот за радиодифузија заради поефикасна заштита на авторските и сродните права, а за поголема транспарентност на програмите што се дозволени за реемитување на операторите на јавните комуникациски мрежи<!–more–>

(оператори на кабелска телевизија, оператори на дигитална земска телевизија, IPTV…), на веб страницата ги објави регистрираните пакети за кои операторите ги имаат уредено авторските права.

<div>Советот за радиодифузија интензивно работи на санкционирање на оние оператори кои нелегално реемитуваат програмски содржини, за што имаше поплаки од многу граѓани, а реагираа и медиумски компании, чиишто канали незаконски се пренесуваа во Македонија.</div>
<div>СРД заедно со Државниот пазарен инспекторат, Координативното тело за интелектуална сопственост, Министерството за култура, Министерството за внатрешни работи и Јавното обвинителство,  засилено ќе ги мониторира програмските понуди на операторите, а можноста за нивно менување ќе биде условена со регулирани авторски и сродни права со домашните и странските радиодифузери.</div>
<div>Операторите на јавни комуникациски мрежи не смеат да го менуваат програмскиот пакет (да додаваат или  исклучуваат програмски сервиси) без претходно добиено одобрение на Советот. СРД го задржува правото по службена должност да повлече од пакетот програмски сервис, поради истечени права за негово реемитување, раскин на договор за реемитување или други правно оправдани причини.</div>
<div>Ваквиот пристап на Советот за радиодифузија ја афирмира Република Македонија како правна држава во која ќе бидат заштитени домашните и странските медиуми од нелегално реемитување. Заштитени ќе бидат и граѓаните, кои ќе имаат правна сигурност при стапувањето во договорен претплатнички однос со операторите.</div>

30.06.2010 The Broadcasting Council and other state and public institutions are mobilizing to fight the piracy

SKOPJE – 30.06.2010 – During today’s meeting, hosted by the Broadcasting Council (BC), representatives from BC, Agency for Electronic Communications, Ministry of Interior, Public Prosecutor’s Office, Agency for Protection of Intellectual Property and Coordination Body for Protection of Intellectual Property set a deadline to the telecom operators until 7 July 2010

to deliver a list of television program services with regulated author’s and related rights for re-transmission on the Macedonian market, no matter if there are analogue or digitally delivered through their public communication networks. (Cable, IPTV or DVB-T)

”The Broadcasting Council will stay on its position of having zero tolerance for illegal re-transmission of audio-visual content also in the future. Our monitoring action of TV programs, which are re-transmitted by the telecom operators, continues and we will severely penalize the offenders by initiating misdemeanor and criminal charges.”- said the president of the Council, Zoran Stefanoski, adding: “Today’s meeting is a proof that the most significant institutions for protection of author’s and related rights have shown willingness for cooperation and the results are already obvious in the field. I expect even bigger success in future.”

The Broadcasting Council in the shortest possible period will inspect the lists of television program services delivered by the operators and will publish them on its web site in order to make them visible and accessible to the whole public. In this way the opportunity for re-transmission of TV services, which have not been registered by BC, will be set to a minimum.

In this way BC shapes an environment for healthy competition for the telecom operators and creates a solid ground for them to adhere to the legal provisions, which regulate the media market. An added value is that BC is also making efforts to protect the subscribers from unpredicted turning on and off of unregistered TV channels.

25.06.2010 Criminal charges against cable operators, which illegally re-transmit the World Football Championship

SKOPJE, 25.06.2010 – Ten misdemeanor and four criminal charges will be initiated against cable operators, which violate the Broadcasting Law. This decision was adopted during the last session of the Broadcasting Council after a conducted monitoring of the programs that are re-transmitted by cable operators within their analogue and digital packages outside of the capital city.

“The misdemeanor procedures mostly refer on re-transmission of programs with no regulated author’s rights; some operators are going so far, that offer whole program packages that have not been registered by the Broadcasting Council. As a regulation authority, we will not tolerate this kind of illegal activities.” – said the President of the Council, Zoran Stefanoski.

Through initiating criminal charges the Council penalized those cable operators, which illegally broadcast the World Football Championship by retransmission of foreign TV channels. The members of the Council reminded the operators that only the Public Broadcasting Service – Macedonian Radio and Television has exclusive rights for re-broadcast of the World Football Championship.

The Broadcasting Council continues with the intensive monitoring of the public communication networks as well in Skopje as in the rest of the country.

11.06.2010 Law offences and criminal charges for the cable operators who broke the author rights

SKOPJE, 11.06.2010 – During today’s session the Broadcasting Council (BC) decided to order an immediate switch off of all TV services, whose author’s and related rights are not regulated and yet are re-transmitted by 11 cable operators. BC decided to initiate misdemeanor and criminal procedures against those cable operators, which have violated the previous instructions for switching off of the illegally re-transmitted TV services.

BC initiated criminal charges against the following operators: BTV- Bitola (MiksNet), Kale 2001 DOOEL Kicevo, Pela Digital 2008 DOOEL Struga, Robi-Mobi Bitola, TELNET KOM DOO Tetovo.

The Broadcasting Council calls on adherence to the exclusive rights of the Macedonian Radio-television (MRT) for re-broadcasting of the World Football Championship: “We call on the operators of public communication networks – which is in the interest of adherence to MRT’s exclusive rights for re-broadcast of the matches from the World Football Championship in South Africa, both live broadcasts and re-runs – during the period between 11th of June and 11th of July 2010, to  scramble the foreign TV channels in their program packages at the time when the matches from the World Football Championship are live broadcast or re-run.”-  said BC President, Zoran Stefanoski.

Also, the Broadcasting Council reminded the 35 cable operators who have no longer contracts for re-transmission of the television program services of RTV –  Pink (Pink Plus, Pink Music and Pink Folk), to exclude these TV services from their respective program packages.

BC will penalize every violation of the legal acts, committed by the broadcasters and operators of public communication networks, in accordance with the Broadcasting Law and other laws that regulate this matter.

27.05.2010 The Broadcasting Council issued an order for Exclusion of National TV broadcasters from the BoomTV package

SKOPJE 27.05.2010 – Due to unregulated author’s and related rights, the Broadcasting Council on today’s session requested the operator of digital terrestrial network Digiplus Multimedia, to exclude the TV services of the national televisions: Kanal5, Kanal5 Plus, Sitel, Sitel3 and Alsat-M  from the program packet BoomTV.

Digiplus Multimedia has a deadline until tomorrow (28th of May) on midnight, to turn off these channels because of the cancelled copyright agreements for their retransmission.

„The Broadcasting Council will continue to facilitate the negotiations between the operator of digital terrestrial network and the broadcasters, with an aim to resolve the dispute.  I sincerely hope that both sides will overcome the dispute as soon as possible, because it is in a joint interest and in an interest of the digital TV audience.”- said the President of the Broadcasting Council, Mr. Zoran Stefanoski after the session of the Council

According to article 109 of the Broadcasting Law, the operators of public communication networks may re-transmit programming services only with previously regulated author’s and related rights and registered program package by the Broadcasting Council. The Broadcasting Council has the right to take initiate a misdemeanor procedure against any operator of public communications network that will not adhere to the legal provisions.