Radio and TV Broadcasters


The media sector in the Republic of North Macedonia consists of three segments: (1) a public broadcasting service (the Macedonian Radio and Television); (2) commercial television and radio stations, and (3) non-profit radios.

Radio and television broadcasting may be performed only on the basis of a license, granted by the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services. The Period of validity of the licenses for television or radio broadcasting is nine years, with a possibility to be extended, for another nine years.

Currently, there is a total of 107 broadcasters, 44 of which are televisions and 63 are radios. Of the televisions, 11 broadcast programme at the state level (5 via multiplex, 4 via cable operators and 2 via satellite); 18 – at the regional level (6 via multiplex and 12 via cable operators), while 15 are local television stations (via cable operators).

Of the radios, 4 broadcast programme at the state level, 16 – at the regional level (of which 1 is a non-profit radio), and 43 – at the local level (3 are non-profit ones).

The Agency conducts supervision over the broadcasters, supervising several aspects of their work: protection of juvenile audience, advertising, sponsorship, product placement, obligations to air music and originally created programmes, etc.

A report is prepared following every conducted supervision. If infringement is detected, the Agency imposes a warning measure against the broadcaster at issue, or, should the latter continue to commit the same violation against the law throughout the year, it initiates a misdemeanour procedure before a competent court