Summary from the first sequel of the 5th session

SKOPJE, 03/21/2012 – on the first sequel of the fifth session, the members of the Broadcasting Council have reviewed the Information on the satellite televisions’ working, after which it was unanimously decided to have BM TV license revoked, based on article 63, paragraph 1 line 1, because of non commencing their activity within the envisaged deadline. Jungle TV, Perspektiva TV (Sky Net Plus), 24 Vesti TV, AB Kanal TV and Pink 15- TV have a deadline of 15 days to remove the obstacle because of which they do not broadcast their program through a satellite and to settle their obligations towards the Broadcasting Council, otherwise the Council will revoke their licenses for performing broadcasting activity.
After the analysis of the reports on the conducted monitoring, the Broadcasting Council sentenced the following indications and measures:
Jungle TV: 4 written warnings with a demand for publishing;

Nasha TV: 2 indications;
AB Kanal TV: 2 indications;
Alfa TV: 4 indications;
Sitel 3 TV: written warning with a demand for publishing and an indication;
Pink 15- TV: 3 written warnings with a demand for publishing and one indication;
24 Vesti TV: no violations;
Perspektiva TV: 2 indications;
Sonce TV: 2 indications.

After the conducted monitoring of A2 TV it was concluded that a letter should be sent to the broadcaster and to the trustee of the bankrupt’s estate to point out to the fact that A2 TV does not fulfill the conditions from the license and that the television should give additional information on their factual condition and on their further plans.

Regarding the program ‘’on the way to…’’ (,,Na patot kon…’’), broadcasted on Alsat-M TV, it has been concluded that the program deviates from the program principles in the part where the host of the program does not intervene and does not limit him/herself, nor he/she warns his/hers interlocutor when the second one is pronouncing insults. With this Alsat-M TV acts opposite the program principle from article 68, paragraph 2, line 2 on ‘’the protection of the privacy and the dignity of the individual’’.

Considering the Report of the analysis of Journal 1 at Sitel TV from 10th March 2012, the Council concluded that article 68 from the broadcasting activity law has been violated and it decided to take appropriate measure on the next sequel of the session, according to this article from the law.