Summary of the 11th Session


Skopje, 18.03.2015 – Due to failure to meet the minimum staffing conditions established in Article 9, Para 4 of the Rulebook on Minimum Technical, Spatial, Financial and Staffing Conditions for Obtaining a Radio or Television Broadcasting License, theCouncil of the Agency adopted a decision, upon the proposal of the Agency’s Director, to initiate a procedure to revoke the radio broadcasting license of DI-DZEJ Slave DOOEL Stuga Broadcasting Company.

The Agency Council adopted a Decision to annul the Decision on Revoking the Television License of TRD TV Amazon DOOEL Skopje, considering the fact that this broadcaster had fully met its obligation to pay the fee for the television broadcasting license.

The Agency Council adopted the Draft Audit Report from an independent auditor of the financial reports of the Agency for 2014.