Summary of the 16th Session

Skopje, 17.04.2015 – At today’s session, the Council of the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services decided to amend the Decision on Granting a Television Broadcasting License to TRD TV M Arnaudov Mihajlo Ohrid DOOEL, by replacing the words “in the D6 area – Mali Vlaj (Ohrid, Struga, Debarca, Vevcani, Drugovo)” in the above mentioned Decision, with the following words: ““in the D6 area – Mali Vlaj (Ohrid, Struga, Debarca, Vevcani)”.

The Agency Council adopted a decision permitting a change to the ownership structure of TRD RADIO OHRID DOO Ohrid, and issued an endorsement to the Director of the Agency to conduct a public procurement procedure for acquiring mobile telephony services.