Summary of the 5th Session

Skopje, 10.02.2015 – The Agency Council issued an approval to the Director of the Agency to submit to the Government of the Republic of Macedonia a request for permission to adopt a “Plan for Assigning and Allocating the Digital Terrestrial Multiplex Transmission Capacities to Operators of Public Electronic Communication Networks That Have the Obligation to Transmit the Programme Services of the Broadcasters”.

The Agency Council accepted the proposal of the Director to correct the Decision on Replacing the Existing Licenses for Performing Broadcasting Activities, due to a technical error that referred to TRD GALAKSI – 2002 DOOEL Kavadarci.

The Agency adopted the Information on the Plan to Popularize the Right of Reply and Correction, as part of a broader plan for promoting media literacy, which envisages activities directed at the citizens, legal entities and providers of audio and audiovisual media services, and are within the competences of the regulatory body.

The Agency Council issued permission to conduct 2 (two) public procurement procedures concerning the acquisition of airline tickets and an official motor vehicle, and approved the decision to announce job vacancies.