Third Public Meeting in 2018

Agency Held its Third Public Meeting in 2018

 Skopje, 25 September 2018 – Today, the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services held its Third Public Meeting in 2018. In his introductory speech, Agency Director Zoran Trajchevski presented the activities conducted during the third quarter, in line with the Annual Work Programme of the Agency – the supervisions conducted over the broadcasters, print media publishers and the operators of public electronic communication networks; the imposed warning measures; the prepared analyses; the activities in the area of international cooperation, etc. A special activity that the Agency had carried out in this period was the monitoring of the media coverage by the broadcasters at the state level, relating to the Referendum.

 The attendees had an opportunity to hear the key findings of the Analysis of the Market of Audio and Audiovisual Media Services in 2017, prepared by the Agency. This Analysis covers the economic operations of the broadcasters in 2017, i.e. data about the total revenues, the broadcasters’ shares in the total revenues, the income structure, total expenditures, share in the total expenditures and the expenditures’ structure, the performance results, and the average number of regular employees, as well as data about the television and radio stations’ audience measurement in 2017. The total revenues that the Public Broadcaster and all commercial television and radio stations earned in 2017 are 2,608.84 million MKD, whereas the expenditures of all broadcasters together – 2,703.84 million MKD. The state-level terrestrial television with the largest viewership was SITEL TV, with an average weekly

reach of 51.45 %, while the state-level radio with the largest listenership was Antena Radio, with 18.70 %.

Also discussed at the meeting was the Draft Statute on the signals of alarming, the manner and procedures of alarming and the actions of the populations, which defines the obligations of various entities, in cases where there is danger threatening the population. More details about this document were provided by Dushko Petrovski of the Crisis Management Centre, who presented he provisions of the Draft Statute. The Draft Status prescribes obligations for many institutions, including the media, and points out that information through the media is conducted in case of risk or danger (airborne, radiological-chemical-biological or danger from natural or other disasters), for the purpose of timely warning and preparing of the population to seek shelter, providing more efficient protection or rescue, or protection of the material goods that may be or are stricken by risks and dangers.

The Presentations given at the Third Public Meeting may be downloaded from the following links:

Zoran Trajchevski, PhD, Agency Director

Katerina Donevska, Senior Associate in the Strategic Planning Unit

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