Gender and Media


In accordance with the 2012 Law on Equal Opportunities of Women and Men, the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services has been preparing annual analyses of the treatment that gender-related issues receive in the daily information programmes and the way in which the programmes of the national television services in the Republic of Macedonia portray women and men. In line with the above Law, once a year, the Agency submits a report to the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia on the way of portraying and depicting women and men, as well as the gender-related issues in the broadcasters’ programming concepts and contents.

Since 2013, the Agency has been dedicating special attention to gender-related issues. On 11 November 2013, a public session was held, dedicated to gender and media. A month later, a workshop was held on strengthening the capacities of media professionals in gender equality issues.

In 2014, a debate was held on the “Critical Understanding of the Media – Gender, Youth, Media Literacy”

The Agency usually publishes the results of the annual gender issues analysis

Analyses of gender in television programmes

Employee structure analyses in the audio and audiovisual media industry

Complaints concerning gender equality

Relevant EU documents

Reports from the Equal Opportunities Coordinator