Agency activities related to gender in the media

Misogyny and sexism detected in the programmes of three radio stations

Skopje, 2 November 2017 – The City Radio, Club FM Radio and Metropolis Radio Network have been airing spots recently, as part of a joint campaign of their own production, which, as they state is intended for all “overly emancipated women”.

The Agency has established that the campaign is gender-discriminatory, spreads misogyny and sexism, and as such flagrantly violates the Law on Audio and Audiovisual Media Services. The three broadcasters that produced this campaign, have been acting in a way that is inconceivable and totally and utterly incompatible with professional conduct.

Namely, the campaign sets emancipation of women and men as two mutually exclusive processes, depicting women’s emancipation and aiming to reach the maximum in their careers as a negative phenomenon. Successful women are exposed to scorn and hatred, and a message is being sent to children and youth of both sexes that they are not equal and should not aim for equality.

Notifications have been sent to the three radio stations concerning the detected violation of the Law on their part. The relevant supervision report is available on the Agency’s website (link to the report ), and the same will also be forwarded to the Committee for Protection Against Discrimination.


Agency Launches TV and Radio Spots against Sexism in Media and Research on Gender in the Television Programmes in 2017 

Skopje, 01.03.2018 – With the aim of drawing media’s attention to the importance of recognizing gender issues and being informed about them, and breaking gender stereotypes, the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services presented today the results of its research into gender in the television programmes in 2017, and launched the TV and radio spots against sexism in media.

The research on the portrayal of gender in the television programmes consisted of two analyses – one about gender issues in the programming concepts and contents of the daily information shows of the national TV stations, and the other about the way that women and men were depicted in the commercials. More information about the event on the following link