17.11.2009 The Broadcasting Council has instructed the satellite televisions to code the signal for the purpose of respecting copyrights

SKOPJE, 17 November 2009 – The Macedonian satellite televisions that have not coded the signal so far, should code it with the purpose of protecting copyrights and related rights – this is the conclusion that was unanimously adopted by the members of the Broadcasting Council (BC).

The BC has concluded that some satellite televisions do not code the signal and as a result their programmes as well as the purchased programme are available to be seen in the geographic area for which these media have not regulated the copyrights and related rights.

“Taking into consideration the fact that satellite broadcasts cover bigger territory, bigger than the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, the Macedonian satellite televisions will have to either regulate the copyrights and related rights for the area they cover or limit the broadcasting of their programme exclusively on the territory of the country via a system of a coded signal.” – states the BC conclusion.

The Law on Broadcasting Activity (article 77) instructs the Macedonian electronic media to produce and broadcast programme with regulated copyrights and related rights, irrespective of the area of coverage and the technical mean used to transmit the television and radio signal. If the satellite televisions do not regulate the copyrights and related rights within the shortest period of time then the BC will take legal measures to sanction those televisions.