26.05.2010 Milaim Fetai is the new vice-president of the Broadcasting Council


SKOPJE 26.05.2010 – The Broadcasting Council confirmed the expiration of the mandate of the Vice-President Faruk Omeragic and during today’s session elected Milaim Fetai new Vice-President.

Thanking to all the members of the Council who supported him by consensus, Milaim Fetai said: „Taking in consideration that the Broadcasting Council as an independent body plays a significant role in development of the democracy and in the building of a new modern democratic Macedonia, I understand my election as a huge obligation in further building  and continuation of the previous efforts, especially from the aspect of the contribution that the Broadcasting Council is giving, providing standards in the broadcasting sector, which will contribute for faster achieving of full membership in the Euro-Atlantic structures.  Effective and independent regulation of the media landscape is significantly important for further democratization of our society. It’s my pleasure to be part of the Broadcasting Council and during the next six years I will invest all my knowledge and experiences in a way to promote the media regulation as a tool for creation an environment, which will fully guarantee the freedom of speech and media according to the European standards.“

The members of the Council also confirmed the expiration of the mandate of the Member of the Council, Panche Naumov. The President of the Broadcasting Council, Zoran Stefanoski expressed his gratitude to Omeragic and Naumov for their huge contribution given in the course of the past four years for development of the broadcasting sector in Macedonia and for promoting of the Council as an independent regulation authority.