27.05.2010 The Broadcasting Council issued an order for Exclusion of National TV broadcasters from the BoomTV package

SKOPJE 27.05.2010 – Due to unregulated author’s and related rights, the Broadcasting Council on today’s session requested the operator of digital terrestrial network Digiplus Multimedia, to exclude the TV services of the national televisions: Kanal5, Kanal5 Plus, Sitel, Sitel3 and Alsat-M  from the program packet BoomTV.

Digiplus Multimedia has a deadline until tomorrow (28th of May) on midnight, to turn off these channels because of the cancelled copyright agreements for their retransmission.

„The Broadcasting Council will continue to facilitate the negotiations between the operator of digital terrestrial network and the broadcasters, with an aim to resolve the dispute.  I sincerely hope that both sides will overcome the dispute as soon as possible, because it is in a joint interest and in an interest of the digital TV audience.”- said the President of the Broadcasting Council, Mr. Zoran Stefanoski after the session of the Council

According to article 109 of the Broadcasting Law, the operators of public communication networks may re-transmit programming services only with previously regulated author’s and related rights and registered program package by the Broadcasting Council. The Broadcasting Council has the right to take initiate a misdemeanor procedure against any operator of public communications network that will not adhere to the legal provisions.