11.06.2010 Law offences and criminal charges for the cable operators who broke the author rights

SKOPJE, 11.06.2010 – During today’s session the Broadcasting Council (BC) decided to order an immediate switch off of all TV services, whose author’s and related rights are not regulated and yet are re-transmitted by 11 cable operators. BC decided to initiate misdemeanor and criminal procedures against those cable operators, which have violated the previous instructions for switching off of the illegally re-transmitted TV services.

BC initiated criminal charges against the following operators: BTV- Bitola (MiksNet), Kale 2001 DOOEL Kicevo, Pela Digital 2008 DOOEL Struga, Robi-Mobi Bitola, TELNET KOM DOO Tetovo.

The Broadcasting Council calls on adherence to the exclusive rights of the Macedonian Radio-television (MRT) for re-broadcasting of the World Football Championship: “We call on the operators of public communication networks – which is in the interest of adherence to MRT’s exclusive rights for re-broadcast of the matches from the World Football Championship in South Africa, both live broadcasts and re-runs – during the period between 11th of June and 11th of July 2010, to  scramble the foreign TV channels in their program packages at the time when the matches from the World Football Championship are live broadcast or re-run.”-  said BC President, Zoran Stefanoski.

Also, the Broadcasting Council reminded the 35 cable operators who have no longer contracts for re-transmission of the television program services of RTV –  Pink (Pink Plus, Pink Music and Pink Folk), to exclude these TV services from their respective program packages.

BC will penalize every violation of the legal acts, committed by the broadcasters and operators of public communication networks, in accordance with the Broadcasting Law and other laws that regulate this matter.