05.11.2010 The Serbian Ambassador paid a Visit to the Broadcasting Council

SKOPJE, 05.11.2010 – Improvement of the cooperation between Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Serbia in the area of electronic media, further professionalization of the media outlets in Serbian language and fulfillment of the needs of the Serbian community for informing in Macedonia were in the focus of today’s meeting between Zoran Stefanoski,

President of the Broadcasting Council (BC), the Vice President Milaim Fetai, the Member of the Council, Branko Radovanovikj with the ambassador of Republic of Serbia in Skopje, Tomislav Gjurin.

“The Serbian community needs more local information in Serbian language as well in the area of commercial media as in the public broadcasting “- is the conclusion of the meeting between the President Stefanoski and Ambassador Gjurin.

The representatives from the BC assured ambassador Gjurin, that BC will support the legitimate requests of the representatives of the Serbian people in Macedonia according to the Ohrid’s Framework Agreement and the legislation frame. BC will make maximal efforts in order to enlarge the volume of the media content not only in Serbian language, but also in the languages of the other non-majority communities in the Republic of Macedonia.