27.10.2010 BC called upon MRT and the Parliamentary Channel to respect the Broadcasting Law


SKOPJE 27.10.2010 –  BC send an official reaction to the President of the Parliament of Republic of Macedonia and to the Council of the Parliamentary Channel as results of the last breaches of the Broadcasting Law by the Parliamentary Channel.

On 24th and 25th of October, as many times before, BC noticed breaches of the Broadcasting Law, because this channel beside of content related to the Parliament’s activities also broadcasts sessions of the Government.

BC has asked the Public Broadcasting Service – Macedonian Radio and Television (MRT) – to respect the orders of the Broadcasting Law, because with this kind of practice it can bring into question the basic functions of the PBS. MRT is obligated by law to protect the public interest in the programming that is produced by being independent from the government, political organizations and centers of economical power.