16.02.2011 BC invites the media to contribute in reducing of social tensions PDF Print E-mail

SKOPJE 16.02.2011 – During today’s session the Broadcasting Council (BC) concluded that within the echo of the latest socio-political happenings in the broadcasters’ programming frequently elements are used, which could lead to usage of hate of speech.

BC called upon all media to make maximal efforts to prevent broadcasting of any program content, which could lead to spreading interethnic, intra-ethnic or religious intolerance or to urge for a public lynch.

The BC members reminded that besides the objective of informing, one of the social roles of the media is also to contribute in reducing of tensions, to promote the social dialog, to avoid the xenophobia and exclusion on any basis and to promote other democratic social values.

During the next period the BC will increasingly follow the programming of the broadcasters in terms of adherence to legal provisions for prevention of hate of speech or spreading intolerance.