09.03.2011 BC held a workshop on the European audio-visual works

SKOPJE, 09.03.2011– In order to properly fill out and timely submit the forms of broadcast European audio-visual works, today the Broadcasting Council (BC) held a workshop for the representatives of electronic media.

(Picture:Dragica Ljubevska and Emilija Petreska Kamenjarova held the training for European audio-visual works)


The national televisions (terrestrial and satellite) have a legal obligation to broadcast 51% European audio-visual works in their annual programming. The minimal quota of the Public Broadcasting Service MRT is 60 percent of its total programming.
„This workshop was an opportunity for presentation of practical examples about the way how the broadcasters can fulfill the obligation or how to register the broadcast programme, which is included in the percentage of European audio-visual works, broadcast in the course of one calendar year and how to fill out the reporting forms.“ – said Emilija Petreska Kamenjarova, one of the trainers, employed in the Programming Sector of the BC.
Dragica Ljubevska was one of the two trainers. She explained to the media representatives about the obligation of the broadcasters with national coverage, not later than one month after the end of the calendar year, to notify the BC if they had fulfilled their obligation.
BC, as a responsible media monitoring authority, will continue to collaborate with the electronic media through workshops and direct contacts in order to consistently and effectively implement the Broadcasting Law in the part of European audio-visual works.
The working materials from the workshop can be downloaded from the following links:

Example of the workshop – forms for AV works (in Macedonian)
Presentation – European AV works 
Form – European AV works
Rulebook for AV works 
Annex 1 – Country of origin 
Annex 2- Types of Programme