07.09.2011 BC expresses Concerns for the Self-initiated Disruption of the Broadcasting by the Satellite Television ALB

SKOPJE, 7 september 2011– The monitoring carried out by the Broadcasting council has identified that the Albanian language satellite television station ALB (Enterprise for telecommunications and broadcasting ALB TV 2010) as of 23 August 2011 has self initiated disruption of the programme broadcasting without informing the BC about the action.

During the past period BC tried to approach the representatives of the television station aiming to remind for the obligation for broadcasting of minimum 12 hours/day, but without success. BC representatives have been directed to personally visit the ALB TV head office; the initiated visit was not performed due to the closed site.

With the view that TV ALB is awarded broadcasting license on a national level for broadcasting programme in Albanian language, BC expresses concerns for the self initiated disruption of the broadcasting that can result in revocation of the broadcasting license, an action that can affect in negative way the language and cultural pluralism within the Macedonian media sector.

Having further ALB TV disruption in broadcasting, the license will be revoked.  On the BC meeting (scheduled for 12 September 2011) the BC members will discuss the Information about  the work and the fulfillment of the obligations from the broadcasting license of TV ALB.