21.10.2011 The Broadcasting Council instructed the TV stations to be careful when showing Scenes with Excessive Violence


SKOPJE, 21.10.2011 – Many complains came to the BC about the manner of broadcasting of the videos, which testify for the arrestment and death of Muammar al- Gadafi in the News of the TV stations.

After the performed monitoring of the news on several TC stationd, it was determinate that this news broadcast violates the provisions of Article 4 from the Rulebook for Protection of Minors from Programs that might harmfully affect their Physical, Mental and Moral Development.

Please remember that displaying descriptions, scenes and/or views in the news that might harmfully affect the minors “must be based on overall editorial opinion for the necessity of such material details” and that kind of content “should be accompanied with a warning comment by the moderator of the news”.

We expect that the broadcasting of these records will be aligned with the Broadcasting Law and the Rulebook for Protection of Minors.