29.11.2011 BC noted the Termination of the License of ALB TV

SKOPJE, 29.11.2011 – On the 19th session of BC, held on 28.11.2011, the BC noted the termination of the broadcasting license of ALB TV Skopje, upon previous request by this broadcaster.

BC also adopted Draft Supplementary Financial Plan for 2011 and Draft Proposal for changes of the Annual Procurement Plan for 2011.
BC also adopted the draft Budget Rebalance and the draft proposal for changing and amending the Annual Procurement Plan for 2011.

In order to align the EU legislation with the Macedonian legislation and to take measures to overcome the remarks in the latest Country Progress Report the BC adopted the NPAA National Program for Adoption of the Acquis for 2012th.

The session will continue on Thursday (01.12.2011) at 10.30 o’clock.