June 05, 2012 The Broadcasting Council is the host of the Executive Board of the international project DigiTV

Skopje, June 05, 2012 – The Broadcasting Council (BC) today and tomorrow will be the host of the meeting of the Executive and the Administrative Board of the project DigiTV, intended to promote the digital television in South-Eastern Europe, co-financed by the European Union IPA funds.

The meeting officially started with the speech of the President of the BC, Zoran Trajchevski who gave a brief overview of the activities undertaken by the BC in the frames of the project DigiTV: ‘’A research on the level of public awareness for introducing the digital television transmission is now taking place, therefore we will have a general image of the readiness of this country’s population to accept the digital television signal.’’

The President of the BC announced a campaign for raising the public awareness in this country in the fall, related to the shutting down of the analogue transmission and the switch to a digital broadcast.
The Minister of Information Society, Ivo Ivanovski, gave an insight on the strategic determinations of the Republic of Macedonia on the continuous development of the information and communication technologies and reassured on the inclusiveness of the digital television project to all social categories: ‘’ The Government of the Republic of Macedonia will provide forty thousand set top boxes for the socially endangered families.’’

The Director of the Agency for Electronic Communications (AEC), Robert Ordanoski announced a new era in broadcasting: ‘’With the shutting down of the analogue signal that has marked the 20th century and the digitalization implementation, we open the gates towards a new era in the media and we respond to the demands of the contemporary Macedonian citizen.’’

The basic goals of the DigiTV project ate: prevention of possible negative social and economical implications from the process of transferring from analogue to digital broadcast; increase of quality and availability of digital television infrastructure; decrease of the digital gap, etc. The national regulatory bodies and broadcasting organizations are bearers of the project DigiTV, and those are Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Monte Negro, Macedonia and Albania. Representative of the Republic of Macedonia is the Broadcasting Council.

More information on the project and the project documentation are available on the: