July 04, 2012 The Broadcasting Council of the Republic of Macedonia and the FINKI Faculty will sing today a memorandum for collaboration for introducing digital television

Skopje, July 04, 2012 – The Broadcasting Council (BC) and the Faculty of Information Science and communicational engineering (FINKI) today, (4th July) will sign a memorandum for collaboration, accompanied by a press conference at 12:30 pm in the conference room at the Broadcasting Council.

The aim of the memorandum is to promote the collaboration between the BC and the FCCE, especially in the section regarding the introducing of the digital television and the shutting down of the analogue transmission of the television contents, envisaged for the middle of 2013. The President of the Broadcasting Council, MA Zoran Trajchevski and the dean of the FINKI faculty, Prof Dimitar Trajanov will have a brief presentation on what is important during the buying of a new television set and what are the consequences of the sutting down of the analogue television for those households that have older, analogue television sets.

According to themost recent research of the Broadcasting Council (from the 2nd June 2012) approximately 15 % of the population in the Republic of Macedonia still uses regular analogue antennas for the reception of the television channels. Because of the fact that in June 2013 the analogue transmission of the television contents will be shut down, it is extremely important for – especially for this part of the population should be well informed – the shutting down of the current technology for transmission with the aim of minimizing the possibility for its shutting down from the public information systems in the country.

It is envisaged on the end of the event for a press conference to take place.