September 05, 2012 The Broadcasting Council is celebrating its 15th Anniversary – Solemn Session


Skopje, September 05, 2012 – The Broadcasting Council (BC) on today’s jubilee session, on which former and current Council’s member participated, marked its 15thAnniversary since it was established on 5th September, 1997.

In his short review, the current BC President, MSc. Zoran Trajchevski, emphasized the importance of effective and independent media regulation: “Macedonia needs media order that as its mission shall have the qualitative improvement of the media pluralism through using the whole media creativity, a media order, which shall improve the professional journalistic standards, which shall encourage debate, which shall allow the editorial staff to impose topics for social discourse – and at the end, we need a media order, which will guarantee the citizens’ right to be informed in an unbiased manner.”

Short reviews of the most significant moments from their terms also held the previous BC Presidents, Prof. Dr. Ljubomir Jakimovski, Mirche Adamchevski, MSc. Zoran Stafenoski, as well as the current Deputy President, MSc. Milaim Fetai.