September 18, 2012 BC received a new letter regarding the owners of BOM and K-15 Music

The Broadcasting Council of the Republic of Macedonia informs the public that today (September 18, 2012) it received a letter from the Australian company TV Plus Broadcasting Company PTY Ltd, in which it stated that it had bought the full business of United Broadcasting International (UBI World TV), the channels, users, broadcasting licences, the web pages of UBI, BOM, K-15 music, and all associated trademarks.

In the letter it was stated that the company Sydney Community TV (SCTV), which last week sent a letter to the Broadcasting Council, in which it claimed to own the copyright for BOM and K-15 music, was deleted from the Australian Register of Companies. Furthermore, TV Plus Broadcasting Company PTY Ltd indicated that the letter and claim of SCTV for possession of the rights to retransmit BOM and K-15 music are fraud, that is, that TV Plus, on 29 June 2012, bought the whole business of UBI, including the copyright for retransmission of BOM and K-15 music.

In addition to this announcement we submit the original and the translation of the integral text of the letter of TV Plus Broadcasting Company PTY Ltd relating to K-15 and BOM (Best of Macedonia).

Dear Mr. President,

The Australian company TV Plus has worked as a licensed PAY TV provider since 2004. We broadcast via satellite more than 50 TV channels, some well-known channels of the Balkan region, including MKTV SAT, RTS SAT, RTRS, BHT1, and Sitel and Orbis TV from Macedonia.

TV Plus Broadcasting Company PTY Ltd purchased the business of United Broadcasting International (UBI World TV) on 29 June 2012.

This purchase included the complete business of UBI, channels, users, broadcasting licences, websites of UBI, BOM, K-15 music, and all associated trademarks.

We were informed that some persons who claim to represent Sydney Community TV (SCTV), claimed to have the rights to BOM, K-15 music and MIS TV. This presentation and the letter which was allegedly signed by Ms. Milena Mikovic is a fraud. The person noted, Ms. Milena, has neither signed this letter, nor was authorised to put her signature on it.

SCTV also stopped working for a certain period and, as specified in the Australian Register of Companies, it was deleted from the register last month.

In this letter we ask your institution to officially confirm that the ownership, rights and interests in terms of broadcasting rights and distribution for the Republic of Macedonia are ‘to be transferred and assigned to TV Plus Broadcasting Company. Furthermore, we would like to inform you that we have given representation, marketing and agency authorisations to the local company “INTVAU” LLC Ohrid.

I understood that you would hold a meeting today, but did not have enough time to send you additional information. If you are willing to wait for several days, we will be able to provide you with additional documentation that would confirm this.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me at +61 3 90133200 or e-mail

Sincerely yours,

James Harris

Operation Manager

TV Plus