October 03, 2012 BC accepted the Request from the Radio Klasik FM on the Change of the Ownership Structure

Skopje, October 03, 2012 – On today’s 42nd the Broadcasting Council (BC) accepted the request of the commercial broadcaster Gaudeamus Radio Klasik FM, Martin Dooel from Skopje about the change of its ownership structure, after it had been noted that with the envisaged change no illegal media concentration will be created. With this the precondition for suspension of the procedure for license revoking has been fulfilled.

Regarding the request from the commercial radio broadcaster Kanal 77 from Shtip in a direction of alignment with the article 11 from the Broadcasting Law, BC requested this broadcaster to submit complete data, including the social security number of the new physical person that enters the broadcaster’s ownership structure as well as statement of compliance with article 11, verified by a notary. In this way BC will collect all necessary data in order to ensure that no unlawful media concentration would be created and it will be able to bring a decision in regard to the initiated procedure for license revoking.