October 10, 2012 Working meeting with the radio stations

Skopje, October 10, 2012– The Broadcasting Council (BC) today hosted a working meeting with the representatives ofnational and regional radio stations. The meeting was dedicated to several aspects of the operation of radio stations in theRepublic of Macedonia, and specific problems in theimplementation of the rules for advertising and sponsorship were discussed.

 It was agreed broadcasters, by the end of October to submit concrete proposals for possible ways of overcoming these practical difficulties, certainly, in accordance with the Law on Broadcasting.

At the meeting, also were presented key data on audience habits in Macedonia in terms of listening radio, from the Survey ofthe Opinion of the Audience for Radio and TV programs (completed in August 2012), which upon request of the Broadcasting Council was conducted by the Institute for Democracy “Societas Civilis” – Skopje.

Detailed results regarding answers to the questions on attitudes of the audience in terms of radio programs can be downloadedat the following link.