November 16, 2012 National seminar on “Developing policies of audiovisual media services in terms of the digital terrestrial broadcasting”.

Skopje, November 16, 2012 – As part of the activities under the regional project of South-Eastern Europe – Digi TV, organized by the Broadcasting Council on 16 November 2012, was held a national seminar on “Developing policies of audiovisual media services in terms of digital terrestrial broadcasting”.

Participants of the seminar were representatives from television stations, several operators of public communications network, MRT, PE Macedonian Broadcasting and the Ministry of Information Society and Administration.

The seminar was opened by the President of the Broadcasting Council Zoran Trajchevki, who spoke about the benefits of digitization, with emphasis on fundamental development perspectives of digital television: time sovereignty of the use of media content at the time of their distribution.


Minister of Information Society and Administration Ivo Ivanovski, spoke about the changes of creating, distributing and using media content in the digital media environment. Digitization means new opportunities for free and pluralistic media, but also new challenges to guarantee freedom of expression, press freedom and free access to information, which requires new and changing legal order for media regulation.


Several presentations were held as follows: Concept of the plan for the utilization and allocation of transmission capacityon digital terrestrial multiplexes; Development of rules for theuse of the digital dividend in the market in the Republic ofMacedonia; Future services (applications) that can be offered by digital dividend; Analysis of existing specificationsfor DVB-T receiving equipment and analysis of availabletuners for DVB-T market in the Republic of Macedonia; How are used media platforms: Data from the 2012 audienceresearch; and Technological trends after the introduction ofdigital television.