December 28, 2012 The Council calls that journalists should be allowed to carry out their duties uninterruptedly


The Broadcasting Council, as an independent regulatory body, cares about freedom of expression and pluralism in the exercising of its competences. In relation to the recent developments in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia and removal of journalists, the Council calls on all institutions and political parties to allow members of the media smooth execution of their professional duties.

Media programmes should be open to different opinions and political views, and events should be shown objectively and impartially. We urge the media to report professionally and to allow free creation of the opinion of the audience on certain events and issues, in the interest of promoting the democratic processes in the country.

The Broadcasting Council is committed to freedom of expression and the right of free admission and transfer of information, thus it once again reminds the institutions and political parties of their obligation to transparency in their operation and urges them to respect the right of journalists to perform their professional duties.