April 23, 2013 – Notification to televisions about the manner of inserting advertisements in the split screen

There are frequent reactions of the audience submitted to the Broadcasting Council, which has objections in cases when the split-screen advertisements (pop-up) are inserted into the programme, covering a significant part of the screen, sometimes covering the subtitled translation of some foreign television programmes, broadcasted by televisions as their programme offer.

In this regard, the Council warns televisions of their obligation under Article 99 of the Law on Broadcasting, in accordance with which advertisements should be incorporated into the programmes of broadcasters:

– “… In a manner that shall not jeopardize the integrity and value of the programme, and the rights of authors and other right holders of the programme.”

We would also like to remind that this type of advertising is also included in the allowed limit of 12 minutes per hour (Article 93, paragraph 3 of Law on Broadcasting).

We expect that the insertion of advertisements in the split-screen shall comply with the Law.