May 28, 2013 Press Conference – Digitisation


Skopje, May 28, 2013 –  On the topic “Digitalisation of TV stations” a joint press conference was held of the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, the Broadcasting Council, the Agency for Electronic Communications and the One operator.


The Minister, Ivo Ivanovski, the President of the Broadcasting Council, Zoran Trajchevski, the CEO of ONE, Cyril Kafol, and the Director of the Agency for Electronic Communications, Robert Ordanovski, emphasised the benefits to the citizens of the digitisation of the television signal, informed on the number of television stations that have signed a contract with ONE to broadcast through a multiplex and the packages offered by ONE to the citizens, purchasing of set top boxes.

What is particularly important, as indicated by the President of the Broadcasting Council, Zoran Trajchevski, is that citizens are informed about the transition to digitisation, for the purpose of which the Broadcasting Council organised an intensive informative / educational campaign within which a television clip was filmed and broadcasted, flyers were inserted in daily newspapers, representatives of the Council participated in radio and television programmes on national, regional and local media.