The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services congratulates on the World Radio Day

SKOPJE, 13 February 2014 – 13 February is the World Radio Day, a day when the radio is celebrated as a medium that educates people, provides information and promotes freedom of expression in different cultures. The purpose of celebrating this day is to increase the awareness of the public and the media about the importance of the radio,

to encourage decision-makers to establish and provide access to information through the radio and to enhance the networking and international cooperation among broadcasters.

This year, the subject is gender equality and strengthening women through radio, which means promoting gender equality through activation of owners of radio stations, journalists and government to develop policies and strategies for gender equality , elimination of stereotypes , and developing youth radio production with a focus on young women as producers, presenters and reporters and promotion of their safety.

The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services congratulates all radio stations in the Republic of Macedonia on the International Radio Day and requires it to be marked appropriately .