Agency Holds 4th Public Meeting 2015

22.12.2015--Javen_sostanokSkopje, 22.12.2015 – The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services held its Fourth Public Meeting for the year 2015. The Director of the Agency, Mr. Zoran Trajcevski, Ph.D., held the introductory address and presented the activities that the Agency had carried out in the past quarter, according to the Annual Work Programme: the supervisions conducted; the allocation of new licenses for television broadcasting via a public electronic communication network that does not use a limited resource; the analysis of the employee structure in the audio and audiovisual media sector in 2014; the conducted research into the radio stations’ reach and the share that the television stations broadcasting programme at the state level via satellite and via a public electronic communication network and the television stations broadcasting programme at the regional and local levels, respectively, have in the total viewership (the data refer to the third quarter of 2015); the prepared Study on Establishing the Justifiability of Publishing a Public Call for Granting a Television Broadcasting License at the State Level, and the activities in the field of European and international cooperation, such as the commencement of the implementation of the IPA 2011 project for supplying media content monitoring equipment.

22.12.2015--Javen_sostanok_1The importance and the representation of genders in the media, as well as the results of the related analysis of the news and advertisements in 2015 – the preparation of which was a result of the obligation laid down in the Law on Equal Opportunities for Men and Women, and according to which the Agency is obligated, once a year, to submit reports on the manner of portraying and representing women and men in the programmes and prepare an analysis of the gender issues present in the programme concepts and contents of the means for public information – were elaborated by Ms Marina Trajkova, who had taken part in the preparation of this analysis.

With the aim of raising media workers’ diversity awareness in their reporting, Ms. Irena Cvetkovic, M.A., of the “Sexual and Health Rights of the Marginalized Communities” Coalition, presented the results of the research conducted within the frameworks of the project titled “Representation of Gender Minority Groups in the Media: Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia,” as well as the findings concerning the current state of affairs in the Republic of Macedonia in this regard.

22.12.2015--Javen_sostanok_2The attendees had the opportunity to get acquainted with the Draft Methodology for Monitoring Election Media Coverage by the Radio and Television Programme Services during Election Processes, which was presented by Ms Emilija Janevska, M.A., Head of the Agency’s Programme Affairs Department. In her presentation, the goals, scope and periods of monitoring election media coverage were explained in detail, followed by a discussion related to the dilemmas the broadcasters had with regard to the Draft Methodology.



The presentations can be downloaded at the following links:

Ms Emilija Janevska, M.A.

Draft methodology for monitoring election media coverage by the radio and television programme services during elections

Ms Irena Cvetkovic, M.A.

Representation of gender and sexual minority groups: stigma or absence

Ms Marina Trajkova

Gender in the media: results of the gender analyses of the news and advertisements in 2015