Fifteen broadcasters fail to meet obligation to submit annual reports regarding fulfillment of requirements relating to their radio or TV broadcasting licenses

Skopje, 12.04.2016 – The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services conducted regular administrative supervision over all broadcasters with the aim of finding if they had met the obligation under Article 15, Paragraph 5 of the Media Law, to submit to the Agency, within the legally envisaged deadline (31 March 2016), written reports regarding fulfillment of the requirements specified in their TV or radio broadcasting licenses.

The supervision found that the following 15 broadcasters had failed to meet this legal obligation: Kanal 5 Plus Trade and Broadcasting Company from Skopje; Hana Mevljan TV from Kumanovo; Dibra TV Trade and Broadcasting Company from Debar; Cegrani-Media TV from the village of Cegrane, Gostivar; Art Artan TV from Tetovo; Aracina Xhavit Trade and Broadcasting Company from the village of Aracinovo; Siti Radio Trade and Broadcasting Company from Skopje; RRAPI RADIO from the Municipality of Velesta; Radio Ohrid from Ohrid; Klub FM Trade and Broadcasting Company from Skopje; Drini RTV Trade and Broadcasting Company from Struga; DI-DJEJ Slave Broadcasting Company from Struga; B-97 Trade and Broadcasting Company from Bitola; Sonce TV from Prilep, and TERA TV from Bitola.

The supervision reports may be downloaded at the following links:

– TRD Kanal 5 Plus DOOEL Skopје 

– TV Hana Mevljan DOOEL Kumanovo

– TRD TV Dibra DOOEL Debar

– TV Cegrani-Media DOOEL s.Cegrane-Gostivar 

– TV Art Artan DOO Tetovo 

– RTD Aracina Xhavit DOOEL s.Aracinovo

– TRD Siti Radio DOOEL Skopje

– RADIO RRAPI Opstina Velesta DOOEL

– Radio Ohrid DOO Ohrid

– TRD Klub FM DOO Skopje

– TRD RTV Drini DOOEL Struga 

– Drustvo za radiodifuzija DI-DJEJ Slave DOOEL Struga

– TRD Drustvo B-97 DOOEL Bitola

– TV Sonce DOOEL Prilep

– TV Studio TERA Mangovski Zoran Bitola DOOEL