Agency Holds Working Meeting with the State Election Commission

Skopje, 14 September 2016 – The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services hosted a working meeting with the members of the State Election Commission today. The meeting focused on the mutual updates on the activities taken up so far, as well as efforts made towards raising the level of observance of electoral regulations.

The participants in the meeting affirmed once again the determinations for further cooperation in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding signed in February this year.

With the start of media coverage monitoring pending the December 2016 elections, the Agency has begun submitting weekly reports on all undertaken activities to the State Election Commission, as it has done before. Daily reports will be sent as soon as the campaign starts. The State Election Commission shall publish all materials received from the Agency on its web page.

To facilitate the flow of information, the Agency has created a banner on its website titled Elections 2016, which will contain all reports submitted to the State Election Commission, as well as documents, materials, data and information related to the electoral process, including the monitoring reports, the reports on detected violations and the proposals by the Ad Hoc Committee for Observing Media Coverage to take action. Information will be submitted electronically to all members of the State Election Commission and it Secretary General.

Mutual cooperation to date received positive evaluation. Both sides agreed that, in the following period, they would continue to do their best to meet their mutual obligations professionally and observe electoral regulations with the aim of conducting fee, fair and democratic elections in the Republic of Macedonia.