Agency Conducts Regular Programme Supervision over Five Broadcasters

Skopje, 21.12.2016 – The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services conducted regular programme supervision over the work of TV Telma DOOEL Skopje, TV Kanal 5 DOOEL Skopje, TV Sitel DOOEL Skopje, TV Alfa DOOEL Skopje and TV Alsat-M DOO Skopje.
The regular programme supervision over the above stated broadcasters found that the latter had complied with the legal provisions.
The supervision reports can be downloaded at the links below:
TV Telma DOOEL Skopje
TV Kanal 5 DOOEL Skopje
TV Sitel DOOEL Skopje
TV Alfa DOOEL Skopje
TV Alsat-M DOO Skopje