Reaction to a Study Published by the “Metamorphosis” Foundation

Skopje, 16 February 2017 – At the 12th International Conference “”, held in Skopje on 31 January 2017, the “Metamorphosis” Internet and Society Foundation presented a study on public policy it had prepared,titled “Digitalization of Broadcasting in Macedonia: Achievements, Challenges, Prospects”.

In it, it is stated that the study was prepared to inform about the situation related to the process of digitalization of broadcasting in the Republic of Macedonia and to offer well-grounded recommendations as the basis for making decisions and undertaking concrete actions towards overcoming the possible problems arising from this process.

Unfortunately, the study was prepared through selective approach in the way of elaborating on the process, due to which it is nothing more than a personal comprehension of the migration to digital television that leaves out and distorts the relevant facts related to digitalization of television in Macedonia and the role of the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services in this process.

The Agency reacts most strongly against the appearance of such studies that ungroundedly damage its reputation and points to the necessity to always approach professionally the topic under research, taking particular care of the truthfulness and accuracy of the presented information.

The letter of reaction that the Agency sent to the “Metamorphosis” Foundation and the organizations that financed the above-mentioned study and the conference, may be downloaded at this link