Broadcasters Should Adhere to Their Professional Principles

Skopje, 10.04.2017 – The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services expresses its support to the reaction of the Media Ethics Council and calls upon the broadcasters once more to strictly adhere to the professional principles of performing their business activity,taking into account the role they play in providing information and context in which citizens would be able to freely form their opinion about the developments.  In this, the media have the following obligations, in particular:

– To report objectively and without bias on all issues in their newscasts, offering all relevant views and treating them equally;

– To ensure equal treatment of all viewpoints in the current affairs programmes as well, as their aim is to consider analytical all current issues;

– In the shows where the audience is contacted with regard to the current topics, the male and female journalists should be careful that neither they nor their interviewees use any discriminating speech that may incite hatred, insults, defamation or false information.

As a regulatory body, the Agency supervises the programmes of the broadcasters and takes action in the cases where the legal provisions are violated or when the media are obstructed when performing their work.