Second Ten-Day Report on the Coverage of the 2017 Local Elections Published

Skopje, 01.09.2017 – The second ten-day report on the media coverage in the period from 17 until 26 August 2017, which was monitored by the Agency for Audio ad Audiovisual Media Services, indicates that there is a general tendency among
the media that the editorial policies be open to diverse standpoints concerning the current social and political developments, conditions and topics.

The monitoring noted that the central daily information programmes aired, on a number of occasions, and – with certain media outlets – even on a daily basis, news items that can be qualified as “pseudo-events or pseudo-news”. These pseudo-events were created by the political parties, through criticizing/criticism against their political opponents or as political promises. Some of the broadcasters managed to keep their distance, others were making efforts to ensure balanced coverage of diverse positions, whereas only two television stations aired such an amount of this kind of items in favour of one political option that pointed to a lack of respect for the professional principle of equal treatment of diverse viewpoints.

As regards the topic “2017 Local Elections”, the journalist items mainly referred to the organizational aspects under the competence of the State Election Commission.

The second ten-day media coverage monitoring report is available at this link