Two Ex Officio Ad Hoc Supervisions Conducted over Nova TV concerning the Principles of Performing Their Profession


Skopje, 11.09.2017 – The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services conducted two ex officio ad hoc supervisions over the programme of the “TELEVIZIJA NOVA DOOEL Skopje” to verify its observance of the principles for performing professional activity under Article 61 of the Law on Audio and Audiovisual Media Services (LAAVMS).

The first supervision was conducted over Nova TV’s programme aired on 10 August 2017, and found that this TV had violated the principles of performing their profession by a number of statements presented in the edition of the “Open Studio” show titled “Gay Marriages: Yes or No”. These statements constituted violation of the human rights and freedoms on all grounds, as well the principle of objective and unbiased portrayal of the events.

The second ad hoc supervision was conducted over its daily information programme titled “Nova’s Daily Brief”, aired on 31 August 2017, more precisely, the item titled “Indictment against the gynecologist who lied to a patient that she was pregnant”, in which this TV revealed the identity of the gynecologist and condemned him in advance, thus violating the presumption of innocence.

The relevant reports are available at the links given below:

ИAd hoc supervision over NOVA TV’s programming service of 10 August 2017 

ИAd hoc supervision over NOVA TV’s programming service of 31 August 2017